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About Me

About me

I am a former professional athlete from Russia. Now I reside in Los Angeles. I am a health coach, personal trainer and nutritionist. I host and produce my healthy lifestyle talk show on community television through Pasadena Media and airing on the Arroyo channel.

About  the Show

This show is on a mission to educate, inspire and motivate you to live a healthier, happier, and better quality life. Hopefully, it will also entertain you with my Russian accent.

 It is so exciting to be a producer, creative director, writer, host, editor, make-up artist, wardrobe and set designer of my show.

If you watch the show and learn something new, get motivated or simply smile, my mission is accomplished.

About  the Guests

I am very lucky and honored to have my awesome guests. Not only are they fun people but they are also inspiring and knowledgeable. They have such interesting stories and transformational experiences to share. We talk about healthy lifestyle, exercises, weight loss, nutrition, recreation, sport, fitness, bodybuilding, and personal training. I also enjoy vegan and raw vegan topics. In addition, the show has an exercise segment, where my guest and I use our body as our own gym, demonstrating that body weight exercises are efficient and effective.

Check it out!


By the way, HUGE GRATITUDE to Pasadena Media Community Television and The Arroyo Channel for the opportunity and support.


Thank YOU my curious guest for your precious time and kind attention checking my website!



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